About Company

Company was founded in 2010. Foundation coincided with the period of sharp crisis of the construction sector. Despite these difficulties out team with a right management strategy, complete and high-quality assortment and sincere approach to customers, managed to succeed in this segment and create store chain oriented on both, retail customers and construction companies.

Service and Personnel

In our stores you will be welcomed by our professional technologists, who will provide you with qualified consultation regarding painting works. Our technologists are accordingly trained and will help you to choose paints and painting accessories according to your specific drawings, area that need to be painted taking into considerations wall texture and environment. After detailed study of your needs they will give you respective instructions how to use chosen products.
At our stores, you will find special coloring devices with integrated computer system which enables us to use high quality pigments and offer you more than 3500 colors mixed with full accuracy.
Additionally, for the better visualization how your interior or exterior will look like, in our stores are presented samples made with different decorative paints.

Strategy and goals

In the painting world people are divided into two categories: Professionals of painting work – people, for whom this occupation is the main source of income and non-professionals - who just want to color their environment by themselves.
Concept of our stores is to satisfy both, professionals and non-professionals to be able to find preferable painting products without going somewhere else. To meet this concept, we are offering you an assortment of European brands such as Caparol, Alpina, Kana, Kip, KimTec, Champion etc.
Our goal is to be as close to you as possible, which means to broaden the chain and to have equally high-level service everywhere.

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